How to Utilize Best Travel Hacks For Next Trip on United Airlines

Best Travel Hacks For Your Next Trip on United Airlines


More often than not, traveling can get stressful and at times risky. It’s not uncommon for frequent travelers to face travel woes like luggage loss, getting robbed of possession, being stranded in an unacquainted place, food positioning, and many similar threats.

Here’s a list of our favorite travel hacks every traveler should apply to stay out of an awkward situation.

Mobile Passport For Faster Check-In

The security check can be daunting; long lines and slow service is a dampener. Cutting the process into half can be such a breather.

The Mobile Passport from the U.S. Customs greatly speeds up the security process. You just need to fill a simple declaration form mentioning the profiles for you and your family, questions about the trip, etc. Once done it gives a barcode to be shown at the airport to get access to the fast lane which is significantly shorter and gives you more time to relax.

United’s Airline’s Apps For Alerts, Flight Delays, And More

Any airline app is a great way to access a plethora of features and information like check-ins, flight delays, mobile boarding pass, updates, etc.

You can book tickets in the United airline’s app, check seat availability, and snag a premium seat if you have a voucher due to a flight change. You can also check award travel, check refund and flexible fares and more.

And the best part is that you can have access to the updates right on your phone’s home screen by enabling the push notification.

Use Google Maps And Translate To Get Around

Traveling to an unfamiliar foreign country where the language is an issue, “” really comes handy in translating from your language to the native one and even does reverse translation with the press of the down arrow.

Don’t forget to download the offline maps of your destination beforehand so that even when there is no cell service you have got your map handy. Google map has features like offline turn-by-turn navigation and options like bus, rail, and even Uber and Lyft along with an estimate distance and time, also the cost from A-B place.

Use Smart Apps:

There are many useful apps out there like a free currency conversion app that shows the latest exchange rates with a simple calculative menu.

There are also weather apps that deliver “hyperlocal” weather conditions, forecast and temperatures. It’s best to check the climate in more remote areas like mountains so you can prepare for hiking or skiing etc.

There are apps that even let you spot free-to-use networks in the local area you are traveling.

Use United Airline’s twitter page

This is the best way to engage with any airline to lodge your complaints, post comments, or questions.

Its public-facing design helps reflect your comments on the airline’s profile straightaway and airlines like United respond fast for the sake of maintaining their image.

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