Top Airlines for First Class Flight Ticket to New York

First Class flight Ticket to New York

First Class Flight to New York

New York City makes way for an unforgettable adventure. Everyone should visit it at least once in their life to experience the fast-paced culture, diversity and incredible views. You have to be here to share a subway ride with the New Yorkers while they rush to their business. You also cannot miss the $1 pizza joints and the food trucks at every avenue. Further, you will love the metropolitan air of this city when you will be able to dance in a club till 4 in the morning and then watch people rush to work at 8. This city is a good choice if you like to mingle in the crowd and take in the metro life.

Best Time to Visit New York

New York is crowded at all times. The city’s locals are enough to make it feel touristy at all times and add to it the thousands of tourists who visit from all over the world and what you have is a city that can be visited all round the year. Budget wise, the time after new year and summer are the best slots to visit the city and save some money on flight, hotels and other bookings. Before you decide to start booking, note that New York is a costly city and in order to enjoy a good vacation here without going bankrupt, you have to plan your trip, well in advance. Book your first class flight tickets to New York at least 2 months in advance to save some substantial amount the same applies to hotels and other places like museums, exhibitions etc.

Tips for Vacationing in New York

  1. Do not stay at iconic places like Times Square and the Rockefeller Center. They are mighty expensive and very crowded.
  2. Make time to explore other areas of New York than the ones mentioned in travel guides
  3. Do not eat in Little Italy, it does not do justice to New York.
  4. Learn some subway manners or you will easily irk the busy New Yorkers.
  5. Do not forget to tip. New York’s service industry thrives on the tips given by customers.
  6. Do not hire a car to drive, the traffic is bad and there is no parking for miles.
  7. Always dress according to the weather and do wear comfortable footwear because you will have to walk a lot.
  8. Avoid eating at the Michelin star restaurants unless it is on your bucket list. The best pocket-friendly food can be found 5 minutes away from all the famous places.
  9. Bargain when you are out shopping. Never ever pay full price.
  10. Don’t be too slow. New Yorkers are busy and will appreciate it if you can walk faster and place your order without getting into formalities.

Best time to Fly to New York

The cheapest First class flight tickets to New York can be booked when the city is having its off season. This happens mostly in January and February. Even then, it will be good to book in advance to get discounts on round tickets and bulk booking. The holiday season is the costliest time to fly to New York both flight ticket wise and stay wise. July, August, September and second half of December are the peak tourism season and best avoided to save money.

Top Airlines for First Class Tickets To New York

American Airlines

American Airlines is the most preferred domestic airlines in the country. This airline has daily flights to New York from all the major cities in the country. A business class/first class flight ticket to New York from Chicago will cost you $300-$450. Similarly, if you are flying from Miami to New York you will have to pay from $390 to $410 for a first class flight ticket to New York on American Airlines. The price of the ticket depends on the city that you are traveling from but it will mostly never exceed $500.


JetBlue is the second most preferred airline for domestic transit in the US. This airline provides excellent service at a budget-friendly price. If you plan to visit New York from any of the major cities in the US, you will have to spend between $350 and $550 based on the distance. The first class flight ticket to New York on JetBlue gets cheaper based on how much in advance you book.

Virgin America

Virgin America is a part of AlaskaAir. This airline is well known for offering good domestic connections all over the country. Virgin America is a tad bit costlier as compared to the above mentioned to airlines but it makes up for its price through its excellent service. A first class flight ticket to New York from Los Angeles cost $1500 and upwards. It gets cheaper with advance booking and round trips.

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