Jetblue Business Class Flights Reviews and Number

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Jetblue Business Class Flights

JetBlue is known for its great product, comfortable seats and the friendliest of the cabin crew. While airlines are finding ways to cut facilities, some even devoiding customers from using the overhead bin and while others charging a fortune for a first class seat. JetBlue is committed to giving a close to first class experience on a not too typically yours first class price. Their Mint class gives all the perks of flying premium class at a price that is lesser than what you can think of.

Besides this, they offer several perks like free TSA PreChecks for Mint class customers, options for travelers to avail even more spacious seat by requesting a 25” extension while onboard the aircraft during check-ins.

Here’s a review of the JetBlue Business Class Flights (JetBlue Mint Class).

The Mint Experience:

Faster Check-ins and checkouts

Speed-thru security, Early boarding & First bag to reach the carousel are all the privileges of flying JetBlue Mint Class.

The dedicated Mint check-in is a breather and for even more speedier status try the expedited TSA PreCheck security for free where you don’t have to take out your laptop from the bag, or take off the shoes or a light jacket, all free for the Mint passengers. Avail the comfort of priority boarding to be the first one to arrive on the plane. Also during the landing Mint Class passengers are allowed preferred bag claim to collect their baggage first at the carousel.

Sweet Seats & Curated comforts

Snuggle yourself in your own private space with sliding doors and kick back and relax on the largest 6’8´´ seats on premium flights with JetBlue. The Mint cabin has 5 rows in all including 2 rows to feature a closed-door suite. These seats have special massage features ( basically air inflating and deflating the seat cushions), adjustable lumbar support and seats that have adjustable firmness coupled with a plush comforter and a pillow.

Free Fly-Fi & Nonstop Entertainment

Get access to free Wi-fi from gate to gate for uninterrupted entertainment. JetBlue provides free Fly-Fi Wi-Fi courtesy of a partnership with Amazon so passengers can stream, shop and surf right from their seats. Access in-flight entertainment on a 15” personal touchscreen and pick from a large library of On-demand movies. TV shows and listening to music & prime videos from Amazon. That’s not all, there are 100+ channels of Direct TV and 100+ channels of comedy, talk-back, sports and entertainment on XM Radio that you can enjoy on a handcrafted headphone that is all set to transform your seat into an in-flight theatre.

JetBlue Business Class
JetBlue Business Class Flights

Dine in Style

Enjoy a seasonal menu created by renowned NYC Saxon and Parole restaurant that focuses on domestic seasonal products. The menu is a combination of Signature dishes plus items prepared according to global cooking methods and ingredients. A sweet treat from Milk bar, NYC and beyond, espresso or cappuccino from Brooklyn roasting company, a bagel round, cookie selection and cold press juices.

They also cater to a special dietary request for a vegan meal, special low-calorie meal, gluten-free meal or a simpler plane eats menu.

They serve select wine from America’s best winemakers and curated by award-winning columnist and sommelier. A selection of sparkling brut from winemakers since 1497 that has a complex berry and a mineral note, whites fermented in older oaks that have a distinct minerality and flavors of green apple, Reds are blended with rich berry fruit that has a tangy, salty edge to it.


Passengers can carry home a complimentary Hayward & Hopper amenity kit, that has a curated selection of in-flight toiletries packed in an adventure bag with a touch of old Hollywood charm.

The men’s bag is different from the women’s bag. Men’s Hopper kit has lemon towelette, peppermint mints, and a spearmint lip balm whereas females have a different fragrance of orange towelette, cinnamon mints, and a vanilla lip balm. Other essential items remain the same.

TrueBlue rewards and loyalty program

A bonus program that rewards all types of travel is JetBlue’s TrueBlue membership program where members earn exciting points and rewards which remain in their account interminably.

You can book a JetBlue Mint tickets by encashing the TrueBlue points, you can also transfer the Citi ThankYou points, American Express reward points to TrueBlue membership. Transferred points can be redeemed at the rate of 1-2 cents per point.

Highlights of a TrueBlue program

  • No blackout dates on JetBlue flights
  • These points do not expire
  • Points can be used for any seat and at anytime
  • Earn 6 points per dollar
  • Earn and share points together with family pooling

Special Business travel program from JetBlue

Every feature that you would love in a corporate travel plan is incorporated in a program that helps companies treat their employees in style. Here are some of the exciting features of flying business class.

  • A program tailored to the needs of the travelers with a dedicated support desk
  • Award-winning customer service and a corporate sales team that offer tailored solutions to companies
  • Flights that aren’t oversold
  • Passengers can reuse a canceled, non-refundable ticket or they can transfer it to another traveler
  • Perks like most legroom in coach2, free high-speed wi-fi, DIRECTV®

Airbus A321 Seat Distribution plan:

  • 12 Business class
  • 4 Business(Suite)
  • 102 Coach
  • 41 Even More Space in their Mint class check out the best flash deals and sales of Jet Blue business class tickets and grab a cheap business class or a Mint class ticket at a fraction of cost of what it takes to buy a 1st class ticket with other airlines. These flash sales disappear in a flash so make sure you are the first one to avail of these great offers. Their TrueBlue point exchange is truly a delight swapping points for cash on both the domestic and international travel.

JetBlue Airlines Phone number for Help, booking, cancellation and upgradation

JetBlue USA Phone Number 1-800-JETBLUE
JetBlue Costa Rica Phone Number 0800-012-1666
JetBlue Ecuador Phone Number 800-538-2583
JetBlue St. Maarten Phone Number 001-877-306-4939
JetBlue Aruba Phone Number 297-588-5388
JetBlue Cuba Phone Number 800 52583
JetBlue Haiti Phone Number 2229-2583
JetBlue Trinidad & Tobago Phone Number 1-800-538-2583
JetBlue Bahamas Phone Number 1-800-538-2583
JetBlueCuracao Phone Number 0800-0258
JetBlue Ireland Phone Number 1-800-657427
JetBlue Turks & Caicos Phone Number 1-877-390-5447
JetBlue Barbados Phone Number 1-877-596-2413
JetBlue Dominican Republic Phone Number 809-200-9898
JetBlue Jamaica Phone Number 1-800-963-3014
All other countries (toll call) 1-801-449-2525
JetBlue Bermuda Phone Number 1-800-884-9616
JetBlue Germany Phone Number 0800-6648288
JetBlue Mexico Phone Number 001-800-861-3372
JetBlue Colombia Phone Number 01800-9-156761
JetBlue Grand Cayman Phone Number 1-855-710-2951
JetBlue Peru Phone Number 080051061
For deaf or hard of hearing customers
JetBlue Grenada Phone Number 1-8558402106
JetBlue Saint Lucia Phone Number 1-877-766-9614

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