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Australia is one of the most popular travel destinations for backpackers and budget travelers. It is one the remote countries in the world and because of its distance from America most Americans never plan a vacation to Australia. To add to the distance situation, the flights are long and expensive and make traveling with family a nightmare cost wise. But if you are looking for an exotic location to visit and would like to enjoy natural beauty while being enthralled with native history and exotic wildlife, plan a trip to Australia with your family. You won’t be disappointed. This country might be far off from American shores but its fair bit modern while being close to nature and has amazing things to do for all age groups.

Best Time to Visit Australia

Australia is a huge continent with a wide range of climates. The north of the country stays warm all through the year while the states in the south get cooler winters. The best time to visit Australia can be only decided based on what type of weather you would like to experience. If you like summers, the best time to visit will be from December to February, for Autumn March to May, if you would love some Australian winters you should book your tickets between June and August and or lovely spring the time from September to November is the best. The cheapest time to fly to Australia is Mid April to late June. This is the low season tourism wise and everything gets cheap including flight tickets and hotel rooms.

Travel Tips for Australia

  1. Australia is a country continent, so do not consider it small and prepare for all kinds of weathers no matter when you travel.
  2. To get fair deals on your tickets, book your tickets in advance and if possible go for round trip.
  3. When in Australia, avoid driving because Australians drive on the opposite side of the road as compared to Americans.
  4. Carry photocopies of your essential documents and leave the originals at a safe place.
  5. Carry waterproof sunscreen lotions to avoid sunburns.
  6. Read and learn some basic Australian manners to avoid awkward situations in public places.
  7. Bring in cash along with your cards and always exchange money with a trusted money changer.
  8. If you hire a taxi and you are man sit in front with the driver and if you are a woman sit behind on the left side.
  9. Carry your essential medicines.
  10. You have to bring in your own beer to the restaurants except for upscale restaurants.
  11. Tipping Is not common in Australia. If you are tipping someone makes sure you are not offending the individual.

Top Airlines Flying to Australia from the US

Given the distance of Australia from the US, a first class one way ticket costs a bomb. There are many top airlines that fly from the US to Australia. Travel experts say that you should book your flights at least 2 months in advance to get great deals and the best deals can be grabbed when you can book multiple tickets with the roundtrip option. The business class tickets between the US and Australia start between $4,200 and go up to $10,000 based in the airlines you choose. Some of the airlines offer a first class ticket to Australia (most offer only economy and business) and might easily cost $12,000 and upwards. Following are a few top airlines that that fly from various airports in the US to man cities in Australia.

  • Cathay Pacific

Cathay Pacific is a Hong Kong based airline that operates a flight from various US cities to Australia. It offers the luxurious business class ticket to the passengers looking to have a relaxed flight while they cross oceans. A one way ticket from New York to Sydney on Cathay Pacific will cost $13,000 and upwards be depending on when you book your tickets.

  • Virgin Australia

Virgin Australia is the country’s second largest airline company after Quantas. This airline offers various non-stop and one stop flights to Australia from US cities. This airline offers mostly business class tickets and economy class. A business class ticket on this airline will cost anywhere between $5000 to $6000 between Los Angeles and Sydney. Any other city combination will reduce or increase the price by a few hundred dollars.

  • Quantas Airways

Quantas Airways is the biggest airline of Australia and flies from all over the world to various cities in Australia. Quantas offers the best First class tickets to Australia. These tickets are priced at 12,000 to 15,5000. Quantas flights are available in both non-stop and one stop options.

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