First Class Flight to Paris

first class flight to Paris
first class flight to Paris

Paris is one destination that finds a place on everyone’s “must visit” list. It is the city of love and people keep coming back here so it won’t be a surprise if you will meet people who have been to this city a 100 times and won’t mind coming back again. if you are looking for a place to visit with your family, make it Paris this time. It is a city like no other and it is fun for everyone, including kids. This magical city will give you and your family memories for a lifetime.

Paris Weather and Best Time to Be There

Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world, so no matter what time of the year you choose, you are bound to meet hundreds of tourists. Weather-wise Paris is awesome during fall and spring but the most crowded time is the summer. The best time to be in Paris is from June to August and September to October. This means, everything will be mighty expensive at this time, so unless you do not make advance bookings, you will have to pay a fortune for your trip with family. Also, you have to ensure that you do not visit during Paris Fashion Show if you want hotels and other amenities at reasonable rates. So, avoid February and September at all costs if you do not want to get caught in the fashion rush.

During winters, Paris gets snow for about 15 days and it goes without saying that the city looks stunning at this time and will be cheaper too. You will get cheap flights to Paris between November to March and if you book in advance, you will get further discounts on first class flights to Paris. The city remains cold till May and the summer temperatures do not go above 60 degrees Fahrenheit. So, it’s party time all around the year in Paris.

Do’s in Paris

  1. Learn some basic French phrases. You do not have to stress much though because Parisians know English and help tourists.
  2. Be polite in Paris when you are shopping. Take the help of salesperson and behave like you are in someone’s home.
  3. Sit and eat in Paris. The city is all about slow life and romance, so never, ever grab your coffee and leave.
  4. Listen to the people of Paris on little things like when to take a Paris or how to eat your meat.
  5. Never ever throw away your metro ticket before you exit the station.
  6. Explore the city on foot or on a bicycle as much as you can. It’s beautiful that way.

Don’t in Paris

  1. Do not take cabs to everywhere in Paris. They are mighty expensive.
  2. Do not eat in touristy areas if you are on a budget. Try eating at local joints.
  3. Do not buy your tickets for various attractions and shows on the same day. Buy in advance to save rush and money.
  4. Do not miss the street markets, you will get some really amazing keepsakes there.
  5. Last but not the least, do not forget to ask for help. French people are happy people and will help you.

Cheap First Class Flights to Paris

The cheapest first class flight to Paris from the US will cost $1,723 and the fastest non-stop will cost a whopping $7,762. Most of the airlines have a price between these numbers. But if you book the same tickets at least one month in advance, the prices go down by half for economy class and business class. For first class the prices remain almost the same and the maximum discount you might get is a few 100 dollars. The cheapest business class and first class flight to Paris can be found on Norwegian Air and the costliest will be United Airlines or Brussels Airlines.

Top Airlines from the US to Paris

United Airlines

United Airlines has many flights to Paris from various cities of the country. It offers one of the top class business and first class flight to Paris. Its ticket prices are not the lowest but if you book your trip in advance or book in bulk for your family with the provision of a round trip, you can get as much as 30% off on your bookings.

Air Canada

Air Canada is the second best airline to fly from the US to Paris. It has many numerous daily flights between the top cities in the US to Paris and the price of the ticket varies between the cities. This airline mostly offers economy class and business class ticket only and the price of a business class ticket booked in advance can easily be between $ 6000-$7000.


Icelandair is one of the most flying airlines between the US and Paris and it is also pocket friendly as compared to Air Canada and United Airlines. A business class ticket to Paris on Icelandair can be booked at a price of $3,300 if you book in advance and if you book the last minute the same ticket will get you some discount.

Top Airports in Paris

Airports in Paris Airports Near Paris
Paris Beauvais airport Deauville St. Gatien airport (168 km)
Paris Charles de Gaulle airport Rouen airport (112 km)
Paris Orly airport Reims airport (130 km)
Le Mans Arnage airport (185 km)
Châlons-en-Champagne airport (147 km)

Paris Weather by Month

Month High / Low(°C) Rain
January 8/3 9 Days
February 9/3 8 Days
March 13/5 9 Days
April 17/8 8 Days
May 20/11 9 Days
June 24/14 8 Days
July 26/16 7 Days
August 25/16 6 Days
September 22/13 7 Days
October 17/10 8 Days
November 11/6 9 Days
December 8/4 9 Days

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