Difference Between Premium Economy & Business Class Infographics

Difference Between Premium Economy & Business Class

Difference Between Premium Economy & Business Class

When you decide to fly in comfort and luxury, one of the biggest comparisons that come to mind is premium economy compared to business class. So, what should you really go for and what gives you value for money. Let’s take a closer look at both the premium economy tickets and business class tickets as well, before you get started with your flight bookings.
Remember, whether you require a business class ticket, or a premium economy is what you want to go for, we can book it right here for you. Call us and confirm the ticket you want and we will get it for you. Our prices are competitive and offer the best flights with the most budget friendly deal.

What is Premium Economy?

There are some airlines that offer premium economy that give a separate class of seating and service that is a bit different from regular economy tickets. Premium economy is mostly found on international flights and as compared to your regular cabin seats offer a bit more comfort along with some additional amenities. Here are some of the facilities that can be found in premium economy seats:

  • 1-2 extra inches of seat width
  • 2-3 extra inches of seat recline
  • Adjustable headrests, legrests, or lumbar support
  • Larger personal TV screens
  • Laptop Power Ports
  • Premium Food Service
  • Cost of Premium Economy

There can be many different things that determine the cost of premium economy seats, however as a broad comparison, these seats are around 50-60% costlier as compared to regular economy class. However, as you get closer to the departure date, the price difference between economy and premium economy is around 35%.
If you are thinking of flying premium economy, you can ask for a last-minute upgrade and the cost difference will not be more than 10%. However, the premium economy seats tend to fill out quite fast, so you need to take that last-minute chance.

When is Premium Economy a good value?

With just about 10-15% more than the regular economy fare, premium economy gives you a more comfortable flight, better meal choices and a more relaxed trip. If the airline hasn’t filled their premium seats ahead in time, they may just offer you a discounted upgrade as well.

Call us, if you have an economy seat reserved and want to upgrade to premium economy. We will give you the best price for your comfortable trip and get you upgraded in no time.

How does Premium Economy compare to Business Class?

When you compare a premium economy with a business class, you will find the premium economy around 65% less expensive than a business class fare. Even in terms of space, amenities and comforts, both of these are very different.

The business class can offer you up to 50% more legroom and a much more recline with substantial leg rest as well. Superior cuisine and wine are also some of the plus points in business class.

Difference Between Premium Economy & Business Class Infographics

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All about the Business class

The business class promises to give you your personal space without any intrusions. Upholstered in lush leather, large carbon composite ‘shells’ each seat gives a cocoon like feeling that makes you completely comfortable.

The business class also comes with a fully adjustable electronic control side panel. The other comforts include an adjustable and enlarged table, personal vanity mirror, cocktail tray and customized menu. Some carriers also come with complete flat beds that lets you have that much needed shut eye. Comfortable pillows and warm blankets let you actually feel the clouds and forget everything else.


Premium economy: There’s more than enough storage space with premium economy. Overhead storage, space under the seat and a few compartments in front of you, let’s you put your things away comfortably.

Business: There is space for everything that you carry. You will find shelves around you that give small and adequate compartments to store your electronics and other items comfortably, without compromising on your comfort at all.


Premium economy: You get a 13 inch HD touchscreen monitor along with headphones to enjoy the entertainment of your choice. There is a range of entertainment options to select from. All you have to do is pick one and start enjoying your flight completely.

Business: There are many more entertainment options when you fly business, along with a bigger monitor in front of you. So, you pick from a wider selection and relax with your noise canceling headphones.

Food and Drinks

Premium economy: Your drinks and dishes are of the choicest variety when you fly premium economy. You don’t have to repetitively ask for a glass of water or a cold meal is not served.

Business: Other than the flat bed, the food and drinks are the biggest differentiation factors between these two classes. Your food is served right from the moment you step into the flight. With nice chinaware and large delicacies to pick from, you will be truly spoilt for choice. The food offered is also paired with a good selection of spirits, liqueurs and fine wines. So, by the time you reach, you are rested, fed and completely refreshed.

There are many small finishing touches that are there that set premium economy a bit lower as compared to business class. No matter what’s your budget we can make the reservations for you right away. All you have to do is call us and share your requirement with us. We will give you different options that you can select from.
So, pick up your phone and call us to make your flight reservations for business class or premium economy class. Our executives are available round the clock and will offer confirmed flight tickets for you in no time.

With the best of carriers coupled with top amenities and comforts, your trip will be comfortable, delightful and relaxed till you reach your destination.

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