Best Time to Buy Plane Tickets to Hawaii

flight to hawaii
Plane Tickets to Hawaii
Plane Tickets to Hawaii

Cheapest Time to Buy Flight Tickets to Hawaii

The 50th and the most recent state to join the United States; Hawaii is composed of small clusters of islands located in the central Pacific Ocean. Hawaii has an endless array of breathtaking scenic beauty from world class sunny beaches and colorful reefs, to lush river valleys and steep volcanoes. Added to this, Hawaii has a happening nightlife, vibrant culture and the tropical sun with a year-round balmy weather making Hawaii an attractive paradise island.

The Aloha State meaning hello in the Hawaiian language located at one corner of the world is seen by 11 million people annually. And, the best part is that the island is not really out of reach with lots of budget options available from accommodation to flights. If planned properly with the help of the guide below, Hawaii can be well within the reach for a memorable experience of a lifetime.

Knowing a few simple tips and tricks and booking carefully can go a long way in saving your money you can spend at your destination instead. We bring to our readers some of the top tips on how to manage your travel to Hawaii. We have crunched a lot of numbers and relevant info to give a complete insight on travel to Hawaii.

This is a great travel guide that includes all factors impacting your travel like the prime booking window when tickets to Hawaii are at its cheapest, how flight prices fluctuate and the months when it falls to the cheapest, the best and worst days to travel to Hawaii, Seasonal trend and more.

Best Time to Travel to Hawaii

Ask any avid traveler and they will true this that there is a rather no bad time to visit Hawaii. Hawaii has a mildly warm and humid climate with temperature ranging between 25 degrees to 30-degree Celsius which is fair weather for most. However Hawaii’s best weather is in the springs and the fall season; therefore April, May, and September, October is the best time to travel according to the locals. This also happens to be the dry season and the temperature is perfect during day and night. The rainy season begins in November month.

Do note that airlines announce their best fares to Hawaii two weeks before the end of these high seasons.

What Is The Best Time To Travel To Hawaii For Budget Travelers?

If you are a budget traveler then the best time for you to buy a ticket to Hawaii is when the crowd is less and so are the prices.


As a thumb rule, if you are looking for the cheap ticket to Hawaii then don’t plan your travel around the holiday season which is primarily between late December and early January and that includes Thanksgiving, Christmas or New Year. This is when the demands are at the peak, crowd swell-up and airlines sell tickets at premium prices. Another expensive slot is between mid-June to late-August.

Note: Businessclassflights recommends not visiting Hawaii during the last week of April, as it’s the Japan’s Golden Week with 4 national holidays that typically extends to 7 days. This is a popular time for Japanese tourists to visit Hawaii and the islands are packed with tourists from all around.

Why Considering The Peak Holiday Season In Hawaii Is Important?

A wide fare study shows prices swell during the festive high season in Hawaii. Fares from Atlanta mostly during the October and November months stood strong at $800 which otherwise hovers around $320 on an average.

Taking a flight to Hawaii on the Sunday before Thanksgiving can mean you would be shelling out close to $1,300. There is the same scenario during the winter holiday season when fares average around $850 – $1200 and can jump to $1,500 for the peak days during the holiday week.

Average Cost of Flights to Hawaii During Off-Peak Season at businessclassflights

From To Depart Fares*
New York Hawaii Oct 31, 2019 $580
San Francisco Hawaii Jan 29, 2020 $500
Seattle Hawaii Oct 29, 2019 $500

Events and Seasons in Hawaii

  • Surfing Season sees some of the heaviest waves on the planed which is at its peak between November through March and the temperature is comfortable too
  • Snorkeling and Swimming is best between May through September when the water is warmer, waves are subsided, and skies are sunnier
  • Whale watching season runs from January through March and the best times is in February to early March for catching a glimpse of Hawai’i’s humpback whales
  • Skiing and Snowboarding Mauna Kea top is best in February and March
  • The best stargazing time at Imiloa Astronomy Center is during the summer, with major meteor showers happening in July, August, and November.
  • Dry season is in April through October
  • Rainy season is in November through March/li>

Sweet Spots to Buy Ticket to Hawaii

Hawaii travel bureau recommends taking the advantage of offseason which happens to be between January and May and from September and October. There is hardly any variance in the weather during the off-seasons so it hardly makes a difference.

Historical data shows that flying to Hawaii in January & September can be 31% cheaper than the average ticket price. September’s weather in Hawaii is warm and sunny too; an excellent pick for the cheapest flight to Hawaii.

How Early Should You Book a Ticket from the US to Hawaii?

In case you must travel, then it’s recommended to fly out on the day of the holiday itself or book your domestic tickets from the US 21 to 121 days in advance to get the cheapest airfare. The average increases a bit further if you are flying from Europe, Asia or Oceania.

Choose Locations That Are Easy On Your Wallet – Cheapest Gateway Cities to Hawaii

Selecting the right location is as important as buying a cheap ticket for Hawaii. When on a shoestring budget it’s best to zero upon the most economical destinations in Hawaii like Honolulu, Lihue or Kahului. These places are breathtakingly beautiful and serene as well as lighter on your pocket.

What Are the Best Islands in Hawaii?

Oahu is the largest tourist destination in Hawaii. Honolulu, located on the island of Oahu’s south shore is the capital of Hawaii and the main air travel hub from the U.S. to this island chain.

The island has places like Waikiki neighborhood which is packed with beachgoers from all over the world and is full of the big city draws like best of nightlife, dining, shopping, and cultural attraction. It is famed for its iconic crescent beach fringed by palms and populated by high-rise hotels and the surf-friendly Waimea Bay and Sunset Beach with many sprawling resorts.

It includes the must visit attractions of World War II attack on Pearl Harbor that includes a submarine museum and memorial The volcanic Diamond Head crater looming in the distance is seen best from the hike to the top of the crater.

Kona and Hilo are smaller islands but packed with restaurants shops, cultural attractions, and museums. The tourist friendly farms and bussy farmer’s market are very popular.

Maui is famous for black sandy beaches, crashing waves and diverse landscape. The place is known for beautiful beaches, the old whaling town of Lahaina, exciting water sports, Haleakala Crater, clear blue skies, and great dining with a benignant Aloha spirit. Places like Hanauma Bay Nature Preserve offers a fantastic snorkeling experience with local fishes, sea turtles, and sprawling wildlife. Nearly 3,000 visitors come here per day.

Islands like Kauai and Lanai are quieter and are remotely tucked inside. These are best known for a perfect getaway for nature lovers who are on a lookout for an Off-grid fun and quite time to repose in the scenic beauty. The place is known for its thronging rainforests, beautiful beaches, green gardens, sweeping canyons, Waimea Canyon, plantation that’s home to eclectic art galleries, hiking trails culminating in epic views and more.

Best Airport to Fly to Hawaii from the US

Usually, the best deals to Hawaii is from the West Coast cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Oakland, San Diego, San Jose, Seattle, Portland. You can also get occasional deals from Las Vegas and Phoenix too.
Best deal from San Francisco is a hundred dollars higher and from Vegas, it’s two to three hundred bucks higher.Therefore it’s better to take a limo from Vegas to SanDiego & fly out of there.

Flying Tip: Take a flight on a low-cost carrier to a West Coast city, then take a flight to Hawaii to add to savings. Make sure you leave ample time for the connecting flight.

Hawaii’s 5 biggest Airports

Daniel K. Inouye Intl Airport (Honolulu, HI)
At present, 46 airlines operate out of Daniel K. Inouye Intl Airport and offer non-stop flights to 48 cities. Each week, about 509 international flights depart from here.

Kahului Airport (Maui, HI)

This is the primary airport on the island of Maui. Presently 31 airlines operate out of Kahului Airport offering non-stop flights to 21 cities. Every week 1,775 interisland and 17 international flights operate from Kahului Airport.

Keahole Airport (Kailua-Kona, HI)

This is one of island’s primary airport built largely on top of the lava flow and serves transpacific and interisland flights. Around 30 airlines operate out of Keahole Airport serving non-stop flights to 14 cities with around 1,087 domestic and 27 international destinations. The airport serves as a major hub for many international airlines connecting mainland US and Canada. It is a major hub for airlines like Alaska, American Delta, Air Canada, Hawaiian, and shuttle service offered by Kona and WestJet.

Lihue Airport (Kauai County, HI)

Lihue Airport is the major airport on the Hawaiian island of Kauai, and among the busiest airports that serves over 2.5 million passengers across the US and Canada. The airport handles west-coast America services and mostly inter-island transfers. It is a major hub for American, Delta, and United Airlines. The airport is dedicated to domestic flights with 789 domestic flights departing from here.

Hilo Intl Airport (Hilo, HI)

Hilo International Airport is located in Hilo, Hawaii and serves most of East Hawaiʻi, including the districts of Hilo and Puna and some parts of Hāmākua and Kaʻū. Hilo International serves most of the eastern part of Hawaii with most of the flights to the airport are from Honolulu International Airport. The airlines that operate predominantly from this airport are Hawaiian Airlines, United and Aloha Air.

In total, 8 airlines operate out of Hilo Intl Airport offering non-stop flights to 3 cities with around 432 weekly flights.

When to Make a Flight Reservation to Hawaii

Hawaii is one of the most popular vacation destinations in America for all segments of travelers. According to those travel brokers who specialize in Hawaii, the best time to book a ticket is not later than 21 days before a trip. It can provide a saving for as much as 20-30% on an Economy Class. Ticket prices go up significantly after that.

Either this or for those who already have planned everything well in advance, booking around 4 months in advance can also yield good benefits.

Likewise, experts predict that 1 a.m. Wednesday is the best time to buy any plane tickets to Hawaii and can save lots of dollars for you, added to this is traveling on a red-eye flight which can save up to 25%.

The Cheapest Day to Return from Hawaii

Not much of a surprise, the unconventional midweek departure again rules the roost as the cheapest option for fliers to return from Hawaii to the US. Leaving Hawaii on a Tuesday or a Wednesday entails the best perks and this also helps to avoid the weekend bottlenecks at the airport.

Direct Vs indirect flights to Hawaii

Please be aware that there are indirect routes that can save you at least 25% of the travel cost like when you fly from Raleigh-Durham International Airport – RDU where you take the route through Dallas to Los Angeles to Hawaii.

Do keep in mind that flights arrive and depart from different terminals and it takes time to walk and take a train plus the security checks so these connections can be a bit stressful but will surely bring savings.

Best Airlines to Fly To Hawaii

Amidst recently intensified competition and inflation adjusted lower prices, the price trend is upbeat. The biggest markets for Hawaii are Southern and Northern Carolina that are witnessing improved sales and Southwest airlines is all set to heavily impact on the Californian flights to Hawaii by serving out their best airfares going forward.

Southwest Airlines

Definitely the top star; it serves the two top markets for Hawaii that are South California and Northern California and Southwest is all set to become a game changer here. Starting March, the flights to Hawaii on Southwest Airlines start from OAK (Oakland) – HNL route. It is adding many more routes from California cities like San Diego (SAN), San Jose (SJC), Oakland, and Sacramento (SMF).

The airline will begin to serve 5 airports in Hawaii namely Kahului (Maui), Lihue (Kauai) Honolulu (island of Oahu), Kona and Hilo (The Big Island).

Southwest Airlines plane tickets to Hawaii

San Jose (SJC) ✈ Kahului (OGG)
Oakland (OAK) ✈ Kahului (OGG)
San Jose (SJC) ✈Honolulu (HNL)
Sacramento (SMF) ✈ Honolulu (HNL)
Oakland (OAK) ✈ Honolulu (HNL)

For more details and maximum options contact businessclassflights to find your cheapest deal to Hawaii today!

United Airlines

United Airlines makes their Hawaiian flights special by allowing special Hawaiian themed livery to be worn by flight attendants, serving Mai-Tais, macadamia nuts, Kona Coffee and other island-inspired meals and wine to set the mood right for a Hawaiian Vacation.

United Airlines flight tickets to Hawaii

Denver (DEN) > Lihue (LIH)

Chicago (ORD) > Honolulu (HNL)

San Francisco (SFO) > Honolulu (HNL)

Denver (DEN) > Honolulu (HNL)

San Francisco (SFO) > Kahului (OGG)

Denver (DEN) > Kahului (OGG)

Honolulu (HNL) > Los Angeles (LAX)

Denver (DEN) > Kailua-Kona (KOA)

Houston (IAH) > Honolulu (HNL)

Los Angeles (LAX) > Kailua-Kona (KOA)

Tokyo (NRT) > Honolulu (HNL)

Tamuning (GUM) > Honolulu (HNL)


Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Airlines is adding flights to Honolulu, Lihue, Maui and Kona as they introduce the new A312 neo planes. They are a partner of Delta airlines through the SkyMiles Frequent Flyer program which can help you to save and earn more through an award booking on Hawaiian Airlines.

The future promises further cut-throat competition to keep the trend alive in favor of the customers.

Hawaiian Airlines Plane Tickets to Hawaii from  USA mainland, Japan, Korea and Australia

Seoul ✈ Honolulu
Sydney ✈ Honolulu
Tokyo ✈ Honolulu
Las Vegas ✈ Honolulu
Los Angeles ✈ Honolulu
San Francisco ✈ Honolulu
Seattle ✈ Honolulu
Auckland ✈ Honolulu
Fukuoka✈ Honolulu


Hawaiian Airlines plane tickets for USA mainland and international destinations

Honolulu ✈ Fukuoka
Honolulu ✈ Boston
Honolulu ✈ Las Vegas
Kahului ✈ Los Angeles
Honolulu ✈ Long Beach
Honolulu ✈ Seattle
Honolulu ✈ Los Angeles
Honolulu✈ San Francisco
Honolulu ✈ Toky


Hawaiian Airlines plane tickets for within Island

Kailua-Kona ✈ Kahului
Kahului ✈ Honolulu
Honolulu ✈ Kailua-Kona
Lihue ✈ Kahului
Honolulu ✈ Lihue
Kahului ✈ Kailua-Kona
Honolulu ✈Kahului

Kahului✈ Lihue
Honolulu ✈ Honolulu
Honolulu ✈Hilo
Hilo ✈ Honolulu


Alaska Airlines

The airline is also known for its low prices and occasional ticket promotions. As it receives the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft, it is eying on the most of west coast (and beyond) flights to connect to Hawaii. Have a look at the cheapest ticket on Alaska airlines here at businessclassflights.

Alaska Airlines Flight to Hawaii

Seattle (SEA) ✈ Lihue (LIH)

Portland (PDX) ✈ Lihue (LIH)

Oakland (OAK) ✈ Lihue (LIH)

San Diego (SAN) ✈ Lihue (LIH)

San Jose (SJC) ✈ Lihue (LIH)

Anchorage (ANC) ✈ Honolulu (HNL)

Seattle (SEA) ✈ Honolulu (HNL)

Portland (PDX) ✈ Honolulu (HNL)

Oakland (OAK) ✈ Honolulu (HNL)

Los Angeles (LAX) ✈ Kahului (OGG)

San Diego (SAN) ✈ Kahului (OGG)

Seattle (SEA) ✈ Kailua-Kona (KOA)

Portland (PDX) ✈ Kailua-Kona (KOA)

San Jose (SJC) ✈ Honolulu (HNL)

Los Angeles (LAX) ✈ Honolulu (HNL)

San Diego (SAN) ✈ Honolulu (HNL)

Anchorage (ANC) ✈ Kahului (OGG)

Seattle (SEA) ✈ Kahului (OGG)

Portland (PDX) ✈ Kahului (OGG)

Sacramento (SMF) ✈ Kahului (OGG)

San Francisco (SFO) ✈ Kahului (OGG)

San Jose (SJC) ✈ Kahului (OGG)

Sacramento (SMF) ✈ Kailua-Kona (KOA)

Oakland (OAK) ✈ Kailua-Kona (KOA)

San Jose (SJC) ✈ Kailua-Kona (KOA)

San Diego (SAN) ✈ Kailua-Kona (KOA)


Delta Airline

Delta competes for head to head with Alaska in the Pacific Northwest in regions like Seattle and Portland. The competition has also intensified between Delta, United, and Alaska here. San Diego and Sacramento also saw favorable improvements in the prices.

Our top draw:

We often see especially good prices on Alaska and Hawaiian but deals are quickly matched by other competing airlines, so it’s best to grab a cheap deal as soon as it comes.

Airfare can be one of the most expensive parts of any trip and so does a trip to Hawaii. Saving on airfare to Hawaii can mean there is a lot left to spend on comfy stay, enjoying resorts at luxury beaches and finding cheap tickets to Hawaii can mean a lot.

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