Best Time to Buy Plane Tickets to Hawaii

flight to hawaii

flight to hawaii

The 50th state and the most recent one to join the United States; Hawaii is composed of small clusters of islands located in the central Pacific Ocean.

Hawaii has an endless array of pristine diverse natural scenery, a happening nightlife and a vibrant culture entwined in the charm of beautiful beaches. Added to this is the balmy weather of the tropical sun that makes the destination a paradise island. The Aloha State which means hello in the Hawaiian language is a paradisiacal corner of the world and a trip to Hawaii can take away all the rigors of office and midweek blues. However, the trip itself can be slightly expensive although not really out of reach if it is planned properly with the help of the guide below.

We bring to our readers some of the top tips on how to manage travel amidst the cheapest time to fly to Hawaii.

Best time to visit Hawaii

Hawaii has a mildly warm and humid climate with temperature ranging from 25 degree Celsius to 30 degree Celsius which is a fair weather for most. However Hawaii’s best weather is in the springs and the fall season; therefore April, May, and September, October is the best time to travel according to the locals. This also happens to be the dry season and the rainy season begins in the November month.

However, ask any seasoned traveler and they will endorse the fact that there is rather no bad time to visit Hawaii.

But do note that airlines announce their best fares to Hawaii two weeks before the end of these high seasons

Ideal travel time for budget travelers to Hawaii

If you are a budget traveler then the best time to buy a ticket to Hawaii is when the crowd is less and so are the prices. As a thumb rule, if you are looking for the cheap ticket to Hawaii then don’t plan your travel around the holiday season. This is when the demands are at peak and airlines sell tickets at premium prices. In case you must travel, then its recommended to fly out on the day of the holiday itself for the cheapest airfare.

Hawaii travel bureau recommends taking the advantage of offseason which happens to be between January and May and from September to December. There is hardly any variance in the weather during these off seasons so it hardly makes a difference.

Last but not the least is to stay away during the last week of April, which is Japan’s Golden Week that has 4 national holidays and during this time the islands are packed with tourists.

Best Airport to fly from to Hawaii

Best deal from San Francisco is a hundred dollars higher and from Vegas, it’s two to three hundred bucks higher.  

Therefore it’s better to take a limo from Vegas to SanDiego & fly out of there.

When to make a flight reservation to Hawaii

According to those travel brokers who specialize in Hawaii, the best time to book a ticket is not later than 21 days before a trip. It can provide a saving for as much as 50-60% on an Economy Class. Ticket prices go up significantly after that.

Either this or for those who already have planned everything well in advance, booking 6 months in advance can also yield good benefits.

Likewise, experts predict that 1 a.m. Wednesday is the best time to buy any plane tickets to Hawaii and can save lots of dollars for you, added to this is traveling on a red-eye flight which can save up to 25%.

The Cheapest Day to Return from Hawaii

Not much of a surprise, the unconventional midweek departure again rules the roost as the cheapest option for fliers to return from Hawaii to the US. Leaving Hawaii on a Tuesday or a Wednesday entails the best perks and this also helps to avoid the weekend bottlenecks at the airport.

Direct Vs indirect flights to Hawaii

Please be aware that there are indirect routes that can save you at least 25% of the travel cost like when you fly from Raleigh-Durham International Airport – RDU where you take the route through Dallas to Los Angeles to Hawaii.

Do keep in mind that flights arrive and depart from different terminals and it takes time to walk and take a train plus the security checks so these connections can be a bit stressful but will surely bring savings.

Best airlines operating to Hawaii

Amidst intensified recent competition and inflation adjusted the lower price, the trend is upbeat. The biggest markets – Southern and Northern Carolina are witnessing improved sales and Southwest airlines are all set to heavily impact on the Californian flights to Hawaii by serving out their best airfares going forward.

Both United and Alaska airline rolled out the unbelievable sale for just $99 each way to Hawaii and it doesn’t get any better than that and the future promises further cut-throat competition to keep the trend alive.

Hawaiian Airlines is adding flights to Honolulu, Lihue, Maui and Kona as they introduce the new A312 neo planes and so does Alaska Airlines as it receives the Boeing 737 MAX aircraft which are eying on the most of west coast (and beyond) flights to Hawaii.

Airfare can be one of the most expensive parts of any trip and so does a trip to Hawaii. Saving on airfare to Hawaii can mean there is a lot left to spend on comfy stay, enjoying resorts at luxury beaches and finding cheap tickets to Hawaii can mean a lot. experts work relentlessly to find cheap deals by churning all the complex airfare data.  

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