6 Places you won’t Believe are Actually in Australia

6 Places you won’t believe are actually in Australia

6 Places you won’t believe are actually in Australia

There are some man-made marvels and then there are others that are created by nature’s deft hands. An unparalleled natural beauty that looks right out of a fairy tale that is bound to get you stunned, but these actually exist.

These are sometimes weird and sometimes outrightly out of the world marvel. Every now and then pictures of undiscovered spots create a stir in the social media and stun even the experts.

Australia is a place with the best of both the worlds. It has some of the coolest and most livable cities in the world like Melbourne and some of the best unparallel natural beauty you won’t believe actually exist. Here’s a list of outworldly places that actually exist in Australia and a must visit

Australia this is what heaven looks like, take us there, please! Believe it or not, this otherworldly place is on earth.

Lake Hillier, Australia Lake Bumbunga, SA

Australia is notoriously famous as a home of unusual ‘pink lakes’ like the lake Hiller and Lake Bumbunga which is a source of mystery unbelievable to eyes and a surprise to the scientist. Researchers only predict that a dye created by bacteria living in the salt crusts is responsible for its beautiful color.

The pink Hillier lake stretches serenely on the Australian coast that consist of hundreds of small islands that stretch for miles on the southern coast of Australia. The lake is just 600 meters broad with pink in color lined by lush green gum trees with just a line of white sand that separates the pink from the pristine blue waters of the ocean.

Today tourists take a tour to the islands and explore the wildlife of the Recherche Archipelago.

Grampians National Park

The Grampians National Park is one of the world’s oldest mountain range known for Victoria’s largest MacKenzie waterfalls, that flows around the year. The out of the world drive to Grampians National Park looks like coming into a different world altogether. A rare marvel in a country which has 40% desert. Mount Williams is the highest peak in the park and third-highest mountain in Victoria.

It has abundant natural beauty and life form like the kangaroos, koalas, emus and an array of avian species. The park is also renowned for its Aboriginal rock art.

Stargazing at the night sky of Uluru

Stargazing at Uluru is something that should be on the must-do list of every traveler and is equivocally just to be experienced. The sky above the Uluru rock is one of the most impressive skies to stargaze. There are no artificial lights in the sky hundreds of kilometers and the southern hemisphere offers spectacular sky objects like the Magellanic clouds with Southern Cross constellation. The power of the milky way is so intense that its even visible with the moon is at its full wane.

When the moon disappears, the milky way arises in its full spectacular with a spectrum of color and the center of the galaxy slowly lays over the famous Uluru rock.

Umpherston Sinkhole, SA

Umperstone sinkhole is one of the most spectacular gardens formed by the corrosion of limestone rocks when the chamber’s roof collapsed. The entry point is followed by a series of steps and at the bottom is a stunning picturesque garden. While descending the steps you will see hydrangeas, moss and green ferns with fountains.
The site turned into a sunken garden which is on the heritage list and is a perfect place to escape a hot summer day. In the night the sinkhole is thronged by hundreds of possums that come out to feed in the tranquility.

Lancelin Sand Dunes, WA

Afternoon offshore winds and shallows and a protective outlying reef make Lancelin perfect for windsurfing and kitesurfing, attracting action seekers from around the world. In January wind worshippers descend for the Lancelin Ocean Classic windsurfing race, starting at Ledge Point to the south.

Located inland from Lancelin town, these sand dunes are an hour and a half drive from Perth. The 2 kilometers long dune is surrounded by farmland, sandy hills and a pristine coastline. The sand dunes of Lancelin promises some of the best panoramic views from the dawn to dusk. Sunset view is great from atop the gigantic sand dunes and they are a perfect place to try sandboarding, a four-wheel excursion

The reason why Lancelin is so popular is that it is only a short drive from the weathered limestone spires of the Pinnacles Desert which makes for another magnificent must visit attraction. The reason why Lancelin is so popular is because it is only a short drive from the weathered limestone spires of the Pinnacles Desert which makes for another magnificent must visit attraction.

Orpheus Island, Queensland

Orpheus Island is located between Cairns and Townsville is fringed by coral reefs and a 1300 hectare national park, Orpheus Island is a paradise for nature lovers. Paddling on the turquoise waters so clear it is like virtually hanging in the air.
There are thousands of coral species that reside in these waters amidst the world famous Great Barrier Reef.

Orpheus Island makes for a very popular holiday destination. The stunning tropical island is only 80km from north of Townsville. The island has many luxury resorts with a line up of 11km long coastline.

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